festive champagne cocktail with sorbet

Holiday champagne cocktailOkay, can I be honest? Being a blogger has it’s perks. I mean seriously, I wasn’t about to let Champagne go to waste…and yep, I’m a little tipsy or toasted. I mean it’s 4:00 in the afternoon (always looking for the good light) and besides I can’t share something that I haven’t tried…right?

How cute and colorful did this little afternoon post turn out? I’m loving the vibrant color from the sorbet. You can’t go wrong with Haagen-Dazs raspberry sorbet and well, Champagne makes everything better.  A quick little garnish of mint really brings on the Christmas. The cute little gold confetti napkins can be found here.

Helpful hint…I used a melon scoop to get the right size round and then froze them so they would be ready to go. I think this is the perfect cocktail for a Christmas celebration!  Cheers…or should I say hiccups!  xoxoHoliday champagne cocktailsorbet ballsMint garnishSorbet champagne cocktailChampagne cocktail with sorbetxoxo, Julie

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  1. Hello Julie,
    This is awesome! I wish I could have been there with you to taste this so refreshing champagne! I was searching for a special drink for ladies to serve on x-mas day and now I have it !

    Thank you Julie, I appreciate your great ideas 😀 and delicious recipes!

    Enjoy your drink! XOXO Sherri

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