fish fillet sandwich…omg!

The ultimate fish fillet sandwich from Burlap and Crystal So, not too long ago a McDonalds not to far from our home burned down. I didn’t really care, because I never…as in ever eat at McDonalds. Any who, they finally rebuilt and I took notice, because the building looks…well nice. Not nice enough for me to ever go in, but nice enough to get me thinking. It went kind of like this; Hmm…thinking, thinking and remembering, the Hamburglar cookies, the apple pie and oh my favorite when I was a kid, the fish fillet sandwich. I suddenly had the huge sensation to hit the drive through. But, I didn’t; instead I headed to Seaside market and picked up some fresh caught cod, a package of the Bakers Wife buns, a jar of Bubbies pickles, a bottle of Beaver tartar sauce, organic arugula and a can of sour cream and onion Pringles. Yes…I said Pringles, “a girls got-ta be bad once in a while.” It didn’t end there, I hit VG’s bakery after Seaside and pounded a éclair. As if that wasn’t enough, It gets even worse, because rather you know it or not, when you blog food you have to blog when you have good lighting. In my case it’s either after 3:00PM or before 11:00AM. That means I made the fish sandwich this morning, before 11:00AM and guess what happened? Yep…I eat it!

So, now you know my whole fish fillet story except the part where I tell you it was delicious. In fact it was Bomb-dizzle delicious! What was your favorite fast food while growing up? Tell me, I’m so curious to know if I’m the only fish fillet junky? Smooches xoxo
Organic arugalaThe ultimate fish fillet sandwich on Burlap and Crystal.The ultimate fish fillet sandwich from Burlap and Crystal.Brown bag potato chips from Burlap and Crystal.The ultimate fish fillet sandwich from Burlap and Crystal.The ultimate fish fillet sandwich from Burlap and Crystal.xoxo, Julie

  1. Hello Dear friend!

    Omg this really looks so tasty and I’m sure my crowd would love it so I had to print your recipe! How are you doing? It seems like you are always working on a project!!!

    Yeah ! you are right, it is more fun enjoying the Cali weather than cat sitting ! I am getting really excited for my trip and yes it would be nice to meet somewhere in the middle! I will first be staying in Palm Springs and the last 4 days probably in Redlands… I will be looking forward to meeting you!

    Well my friend I’m Wishing you a fun day, gros bisous

    Love Sherri XOXO

    1. Hi Sherri,

      Yes, as always one A.D.D. project after another. I’m so glad you are still planning on making the trip. Just keep me posted as the dates near, so I can make every effort to meet you. As always, it’s great to hear from you. Smooches xoxo

  2. Oh wow, yes, the Fish Fillet sandwhich! I had forgotten all about that! It was my preferred choice when, as high schoolers we used to go out to the new fabulous McDonalds that had only served a few million if that! Thank you for making my mouth water, as your recipe really evoked a flashback to a great choice at lunchtime, followed by that steaming hot apple thingy!

    1. Hey Lisa,

      I love that I sent you into a flashback! I really have know idea what was in the was in the fish fillet or the apple pie, but I am really still trying to resist pulling over…crabbing one and jogging my memory.

      Smooches xoxo

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