German chocolate brownie bites

german chocolate brownie bitesHey Loves, woo-who…it’s Monday! What better way to start off the week then with dessert? It’s like ordering dessert first, so you don’t save the best for last.

The truth about brownie bites is this; I’m on a craving binge. Good old store box brownie mix. This was my third batch within the past three weeks. I could go to the trouble of making brownies from scratch, but the box brands have it so perfectly figured out; why would I torment myself trying?

I did decide to change up it up a little by adding German chocolate frosting with this recipe, OMG…so good! I made the bites small to trick myself into thinking smaller portions are better. This is most likely true, but only when you stick to eating one, not three…just saying. Smooches xoxo
german chocolate brownie bitesxoxo, Julie

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