gluten free quiche with spinach and goat cheese is on the menu for monday

Gluten free quicheHello Loves! With the New Year and all those resolutions we try to keep; I’m making an attempt to cook a little healthier. Notice I say attempt, as I’m not certain how healthy frozen hash browns are, but I’m up for trying to go gluten free, so here is my quiche recipe minus the crust and flour.

What I can tell you is that slice you see the photos…. yep, it’s gone and I’m not at all disappointed substituting a delicious golden hash brown crust with traditional pie crust. I topped it off with fat free sour cream and tiny tomato slices marinated in cherry balsamic. “Truly worthy…just saying.” Smooches and xoxo
Hash brown pie crustSpinach, goat cheese gluten free quiche. Burlap and CrystalSpinach gluten free guiche. Burlap and CrystalGluten free spinach, goat cheese quiche. Burlap and Crystal, styling life with food and decor.Gluten free quiche with spinach and goat cheese. Burlap and Crystal styling life with food, decor and more.Gluten free quichexoxo, Julie


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  1. Hello Julie,

    Yummy! This is definitely a recipe I need to try… The cherry tomatoes & goat cheese is such a delicious combo.

    Happy Bday, it’s so nice to be the Princess of 1 day (at least) in the year ;-D

    Have a wonderfu day ,
    Bisous Sherri XOXO

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