gone fishing, ice cream cake

This is a Brad inspired Father’s Day dessert.  He loves ice cream cake.  If he gets what he wants, it’s white cake with chocolate almond ice cream.  Coffee ice cream from Haagen-Dazs will do the job.  He also loves fly fishing, as did his Father.  So, in the spirit of Father’s Day and creating special event details that celebrate the Fathers we have and the Fathers we cherish memories of, here is a simple, tasty tribute.   Happy Father’s Day!  Go fly fishing…

{Pillsbury white cake batter}

{half fill the cupcake pan with cake batter}

{let the ice cream get soft before you mold}

{Note, you may need to put back in the freezer  every now and hen}

{Swedish fish make for a fun detail, yummy too}

{Think, what does he like and how can you celebrate it?}

  1. My husband loves fly fishing also & his father too… He would get a kick out of these cakes, I will need to try it someday 😉

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