granola love crush bars

granola love crushOkay, so if you remember back a while ago, I had a problem with Mimi and her fainting? Apparently, its not that uncommon for 16 year old girls “no idea why”. We never really got to the bottom of what was happening. However, since then I have been trying to keep quick snacks and water bottles on hand, so she can have something with her if she forgets to eat. So far…so good!

These granola love crush bars are super easy to make and really do taste better then anything pre-packaged from the store. I added the chocolate chips for Myles, the cranberries for Brad and the Kellogg’s corn flakes for me. I wrapped them individually in little parchment bags (from Whole Foods). I added the little tags for you, because I know how you like things cute… Let me know if you give these a try? Smooches xoxo
Corn flakes in granola by: Burlap and CrystalPecansGranola love crush Burlap and CrystalGranola love crush Burlap and CrystalGranola love crushxoxo, Julie

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