halibut piccata is on the menu

halibut picattaI’m a fish lover and halibut is one of my favorites. It’s the only fish I can think of that doesn’t smell fishy. Maybe that’s why I like it some much? Any-who, one beautiful halibut steak can go a long ways when you pair it with potatoes and a salad…and a big glass of wine…or two.

This is an easy recipe and a nice change up on the typical chicken or veal piccata. Cheers and Bon Appitit . xoxo
halibut flour and lemonshalibutlemon slicescaper saucewhite wine saucehalibutxoxo, Julie

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  1. Hi Julie,
    Glad to see that you are back to work, I was wondering about your Mimi’s health. Have you received news from the tests? This Fish recipe looks so good I will try it for my crowd ;-D
    Take care, XOXO Sherri 😉
    P.s. How’s your decor business going?

    1. Hi Sherri,

      Thank you so much for asking about Mimi. She seems to be doing fine, but I’m still worried. I’m taking her to her Dr. this week. After spending most of the day in the hospital with her Friday; we left not really knowing why she is fainting or why her blood pressure was dropping so low. I’m driving Mimi crazy because I’m constantly having her eat something and drink tons of water in case diet or dehydration are part of the problem.

      My Styling business is doing great!
      Smooches Sherri and xoxox

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