Halloween Party Goddess

jars{Above, Leigh Ann glued tissue paper to mason jars and hung them candle lit in the trees}

Hey Loves, Happy hump day! Today I have a special treat for you. Allow me to introduce my life long friend Leigh Ann. Not only is Leigh Ann beautiful inside and out, funny, smart, an amazing cook “like seriously amazing” but get this, there is no end to her imagination when it comes to hosting a fab party.

So, check it out…Leigh Ann in her calm, collected totally together way, says…Julie, ya-wanna come to Hayden’s B-Day bash and snap a few pics? She then throws the in the hook that catches me; we can drink wine? I respond appropriately, I’m in!

It took me 30 minutes to make it to her front door. The front yard was covered with little details. Simply said…AMAZING! I know how much work went into the details, but you would never know how much work, because Leigh Ann is just too elegant to let on that she might be a little tired. Keep in mind, this is a large property and she covered every corner with Halloween inspiration.

I Loved-Loved the party and company. Thank you Leigh Ann; you’re the Bomb-Dizzle and we all appreciate your creative ideas! Smooches xoxo
Leigh Ann and Hyden{This is Leigh Ann and Hayden.}

Skeleton twins{The real skeleton twins hooting it up by the front door}scare crow{Details everywhere!}candy corn lady{Game stations everywhere, this one is bowling with the Candy Corn Queen…btw, she is adorable}water and cups{water station with black cups, simple, but perfect}

sceleton heads{Decked out table}Grape soda gardenApple Bobbing{Grape soda garden and apple dunking}burt twigs{If any of you remember we had fires here in SD not too long ago. Well, Leigh Ann put some of the burnt branches around the yard. Seriously…no one comes up with this stuff, except for Leigh Ann.}Ms. Mermaid{Mermaid toss, face painting and burger hut with all the fixings}

Leighanns front yardxoxo, Julie

  1. Thank You Julie for the props. Now if I had a business card that my clients could actually read I’d “be in business”. Your photography and editing are flawless as always. xo

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