help me pick a picture

I had an amazing time at an event for Bloggers,  hosted by Studio M in La Jolla.  I will tell you more about the event on another date.  Awesome and Amazing!  What I do need is help picking a photo for an upcoming interview.   Please help me decide what picture I should submit.   Pic 1, Pic 2 or Pic 3.  ????  xoxo, Julie

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    1. It’s so hard to look at yourself in the way others see you. So, thank you Niki, I appreciate the feedback. It seems that #1 is the favorite so far. All my very best sent your way. xoxo

  1. I pick #1
    your eyes a soft and you are welcoming in your posture.
    and – you look gorgeous!!
    can’t wait to see the interview – go get em!

    the others are also smashing – just not what I perceive as “interview” profile pics

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