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The CyMo Foundation is committed to saving lives, giving back and creating opportunities for Children  to survive and thrive  in a life free from drugs.

Our family recently volunteered to help the CyMo Foundation in conjunction with the San Diego Rescue Mission with their second annual backpack handout.  The backpacks were fully supplied for back to school.  Children from  families suffering from substance addiction and abuse were ear to ear smiles when they received such a gift.  We were honored  to be involved with  this worthy cause and witness the generosity of an entire community of people helping people.

From the site:  CyMo was created by Kiyan Yazdani-Zafar in memory of her son, Cyrus Moinzadeh, who died from an OxyContin overdose at the age of 23.  The families of Jerry Nolan, Matt Perlatti, and Michael Weiss have since joined CyMo.    Motivated by love for their sons, each of whom was kind and loving, the families of CyMo are united in their goal to fight drug abuse through educating the public and providing support for at-risk children in San Diego.   CyMo is comprised 100% of volunteer workers.

{Supplies for all grades}

{thank you to CyMo and the supporters for donating much needed supplies}

{Shelby and Mimi volunteered to help, xoxo}

{the backpack lineup}

{backpack handout at the San Diego Rescue Mission}

{Hugo with Cymo and Brad}

{Please help us help CyMo, Like them on facebook}

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