Hot Tequila Toddy for your body

Tequila hot toddy

Orange Liqueur

Hey Loves, welcome to Tuesday the day before New Years Eve.

Let me give you a little insight into my past few days.

From the bedroom I hear a load roar and then the windows shook. I don’t even know how to describe the sound, but it’s kind of like a piano falling from the sky.

But, it’s not a piano; it’s Brad sneezing. Brads sneeze is then followed by Myles and the sound of him violently trying to keep snot in is head. Not to be forgotten with the sound effects comes Mimi with her 10 in a row polite little sneezes that sounds a little like a wet dog shaking off water.

Can anyone feel me yet?

Yep…we have a cold; me too “sniffle-snot-gag.”

Tequila hot toddy 2

So like any Momma bear, here comes the Echinacea, C immune, wellness and Tequila.

Call me a crazy lady, but I believe that Tequila is like magic in a bottle. I swear it stops a cold dead in its tracks. At least it works that way for me, or maybe it’s just that I want a reason to drink Tequila? Actually, do I even need a reason?

Honey for tequila hot toddy

Cinnamon sugar rim for hot toddy

I think not! So, here is my little cozy up tequila toddy for your body especially for you. Because, my guess is if colds are at my home…they’re hitting your home too.

You can use the traditional brandy or whiskey, but I prefer good old agave.

What you need:

Hot water
Cinnamon sugar
Tequila (good Tequila, not headache in a bottle)
Orange liqueur

How to:

Boil hot water. While the water is boiling take a slice of lemon and moistened the edge of you glass or mug. Dip the edge into cinnamon sugar and put two slices of lemon into your cup. For the tequila I use no more than one oz. and for the orange liqueur, I simply drizzle for the light orange flavor. Add a small spoon of honey and then poor in the hot water.

Cozy up and sip away that icky cold. I hope you-all stay healthy. I’m sending you my xoxo and Smooches

Hot lemon and tequila toddy

Hot toddy your body


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