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bathroom style staging 1Howdy loves…so, what’s up? I hope your week has been awesome so far? THE DIY DIRECTIONS TO STAGING A BATHROOM IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST.

So, todays post came to me out of recognizing something about myself. Not necessarily a quality, but more like walk the walk reality. What I mean by that is, do what I say, not what I do. Can you relate?

I am famous for giving advice…I know really? Famous seems a little over the top; but, seriously kind of famous to those who have worked for me over the past 30 years “a lot of employees” or friends who have known me for my entire life. Usually and for the most part, my advice is good, well thought out, wise because, I recognize they are totally listening to me and I take giving advice seriously.

No flip-it, hum I think you should do it…that’s not for me. I’m really listening and taking into consideration their personal life, professional life, goals, aspirations before I dispense my advice. I know…heavy responsibility right? It is!

However, check me out…while I’m busy telling my clients where to stick it and how to use it. I’m not following my own advice. In fact, I’m doing exactly what I’m there to correct for them. What’s up with that?

Now I know what your thinking WTF is up with Julie and WTF is the styling advice for this post? Hang in there…I’m almost there. So, I’m staging a client’s home the other day and get to their bathroom and freak out on them. There is stuff everywhere. Dirty towels hanging off the shower, every shampoo bottle known to man lining the walls of the shower, crap up on of the counters and basically no since of organization or cleanliness. I put my hazmat suit on and started the staging process. STAGING INSTRUCTIONS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST. After a trip to the dump, HomeGoods, and the container store I left my clients bathroom and home perfectly staged to sell. Then I came home, headed strait to my own bathroom and said to myself “OMG, you’re one of them”. So the moral of my ridiculously long post is; now I can give advice that is do what I say and say I do…THE END! Smooches xoxo

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staging a bathroomSTAGING INSTRUCTIONS:
Staging and styling go hand in hand, but staging is different, because you’re approaching style from generic point of view. You ultimate goal is to create a clean model home look. A look that someone searching to buy could easily see their selves living in without trying to sift through personal items, clutter or the biggest no-no dirt.

• Pull everything out, every towel, every drawer cleared, every picture, every nic-nack, all personal hygiene products…EVERYTHING.
• Clean…clean and clean
• Determine your obstacles. I it space, storage, ugly tile, paint etc. Paint is an easy fix…just do it. Are the fixtures warn, toilet seat trashed…replace those.
• The bathroom is an important room and should carry the décor from the rest of the home.
• Find something that inspires you. For me it was the colorful bicycle art, because it goes with the casual whimsy of our beach cottage. Art is a great starting point, because you can easily bring in inexpensive accessories like soaps, lotions etc. to pull in the colors. Don’t over accessorize.
• Spacious is always the goal; so utilizing storage to contain necessities is key. Think spa when re-assembling the bathroom, because everyone can relate the the way a spa makes the room feel. White towels rolled displayed in a basket on the counter or on shelving. Pretty soaps, lotions etc.
• Storage is an issue? This is where you have to get creative or send me an e-mail. For example our cottage has “0” storage, so I found a bar cart the fits the space perfectly and holds towels, tp, pretty soups and just the essentials. Don’t be afraid to break rules and use something like a ladder or stacking kitchen baskets.
• Hygiene products have to be minimized or eliminated for open house or showings. When people look at your home, they don’t want in envision how you use the space. They want to see the space clean and envision how they fit in the space. If you have a bathroom that several members of your family use, I recommend a plastic cleaning tub to store shampoos etc, that can easily be put away when you are going to show your home.
• Last note: Bigger is always better…always. For example, if you are going to add plants, make it one BIG beautiful potted impact, not a bunch of little plants that create clutter. You can always send me a picture and I’m happy to help.

Good luck and smooches!

end staging a bathxoxo, Julie


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the bicycle print, is that a custom piece? Or do you have recommendations on where to find something similar?

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Me too…had to have it when I saw it. I can’t read the artist signature, but I can tell you that I found it at HomeGoods. Maybe you could e-mail them the picture and see if they can help you get your hands on one? Wishing you luck! Smooches

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