how to style a baby shower

centerpieceClick at the bottom for read more for the details…smooches and xoxoxbaby shower floralsPaper fan wheelsdishes for servingbaiselcaprese sckewerscute wooden forksbaby showercoconut cake cupsbaby shower ideasStyle recipe click to read more…Ingredients:

• Plan ahead (if you are prepping…plan your time from the event backwards to give yourself the prep time you need.)
• Sleepless nights
• A little stress
• A lot of hard work
• A theme, in this case sophisticated to work with a beautiful décor, not against it.
• A color pallet, this one was based on the invite pink, browns and creams.
• Décor concept, simple and less is best. In this case beautiful paper wheel fans hanging from the large floral arrangement and spread throughout the table and room.
• Define the time of day and who the guests will be. In this case our guest were all adults and the shower appropriately timed as early happy hour.
• A menu or catering choices. In this case the shower was late Saturday afternoon on a very hot day. All cold items…
o Spinach strawberry salad with candied pecans
o Caprese skewers with olive oil and cherry balsamic
o Cheese and meet platter with fresh fruit
o Fresh veggie platter with homemade ranch dressing
o Hummus Mediterranean platter
o Apple chicken salad in individual cups
o Melon and prosciutto skewer
o Cold sliders of cucumber dill, tomato pesto and egg salad with vinaigrette arugula.
o Citrus infused water
o Coconut bunt cake cups
o  Cute baby booties with personalized tags as give always holding OPI nail polish

• Serving pieces pre-organized to hold all food (No plastic allowed)
• Flowers, a little goes a long way when you buy from a local floral mart and assemble your own arrangements. The flowers totaled $68.00 for 5 arrangements.
• Wine and spirits
• Serving staff…bartender and amazing set up clean up people.

Last but not least…did I mention deodorant? The day of the shower was flipping hot and I was a mess after set up. In fact I have never seen so many punctual guestsin my entire life! The 3:00 hour hit and all 30 people hit the door…picture me running out the back door a sweaty mess and because they all showed up right on time; I could not snap any good pictures…frown-e face ;0(

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