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style a bar cartHow to style a bar cart.  Well it’s best to start with a theme. Do you do martini’s, gin, whiskey, margaritas, or just try to please the masses? Mine is pretty much predictable…tequila cart! This is not to say we don’t have something for everyone, but let’s be honest…it doesn’t all fit on a bar cart. This may be the reason built in bars came into play…just saying.  The truth is bar carts go back to the 40’s and prohibition. The carts were rolled through the room serving guests. I’m guessing they were put on rollers so they could easily roll into a closet for hiding.

Style the bar cart with pretty organization. Here’s some items you will need:

  • 5 to 7 bottles of assorted buzz, in my case tequila and one vodka “just to test the teenagers in the house.”
  • 2 to 3 assorted glasses, we have square clubs, Baccarat crystal shot glasses from Bloomindale’s and vintage Waterford hospitality glasses “they are perfect for small chilled skinny margaritas.”
  • Assorted pretty bottle stoppers, ice bucket and scoop or tongs also from Bloomindale’s, one big shaker from Pottery Barn, bowls for limes and sea salt, cut cocktail napkin “you can find tons of cute napkins in the impulse isle at Home Goods“, Pellegrino sparkling water for skinny’s, a cute rug to showcase the space from Dash and Albert,  and finally top it all off with a pop of color with flowers.

Cheers!!! I hope this gave you a little inspiration. If you are looking for a bar cart you can go to this post for some ideas on where to find them. xoxo

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