How to style a bathroom

How to style a small bathroomHello Loves! Once upon a time there was a really ugly bathroom. The kind of bathroom you end up with when you’re leasing; a bathroom with super unattractive tile and amenities that are…well, ugly. It doesn’t matter that it’s a million $ house on the beach, the bathroom sucks! There is no point to upgrading and investing your own money in a property you don’t own “unless you have a ten year lease.” This leaves you with on e option, how to make what you have work. Budget bathroombathroom stylingbathroom styling Style recipe:
• When you have tile that dictates the color pallet, find a way to work with it. In this case, browns, creams and oranges.
• The bathroom is very small, so leaving the walls a cream for now is a starting point.
• Orange makes an appearance in other rooms in the house, so that is the color we pull out of the tile.
• One simple accessory, the colorful ceramic pitcher brings in other pops of color including the cream and orange. We will build the entire room with the inspiration from the pitcher and add useful and cost effective accessories to complete an overall style.

Style ingredients:
• One colorful inspiration piece that inspires the theme of the room
• Bring three pieces of that color into the room forming a triangle with the eye.
• Multiple baskets for additional storage, rolled bath towel, dirty hand towels and TP etc. I stacked two big baskets with towels on top and TP and other needs below.
• If you have room for a shelf, it adds storage and dimension to style.
• Art that you love, in this case I used photos from the Encinitas area and put them in frames.
• One additional mirror if the room needs it. This room needs it!
• One fresh orchid…always.
• One or two candles.
Bathroom styling on a budgetOkay Loves, I’m off to enjoy the day.  Smooches and thanks for being her with me. xoxoxoxo, Julie

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