how to style a bedside table

how to style a bediside tablehow to style a bedside tablehow to style a bedside tablekate spade dishIMG_7692IMG_7642Okay, so I have mentioned a time or 20 that the beach cottage we now live in is really small. Like hamster habitat small. I’m a master with space planning, but finding the right size small piece to satisfy the confined limitations can be very challenging. I’m LOL as I’m writing this because; I actually have to side step on my side of the bed. There is not enough room to put one foot in front of the other…snicker…hee. hee! Now that you have the picture painted, try to imagine my totally excitement when I found an old antique double decker table with perfect measurements for my side of the bed (I shrieked with joy, quickly handed over $20.00 “woo-who” and then headed straight over to buy paint and silver leaf sheets).

The complete DIY side table transformation how to is at the bottom of the post at continue reading link. It turns out that I’m completely smitten with the double deck. At night the bottom tier is the perfect spot to charge my i-pad and phone. You will have to let me know if you like it???? Also, keep me posted if you are trying a similar project. I will want to know all about it. Smooches and xoxo


Click on continue reading for DIY silver leaf table recipe
bedside table 2diy bedside tableIngredients:

• Table
• Sand paper
• Spray paint
• Drop cloth or plastic
• Leafing adhesive
• Soft brushes
• Silver leaf sheets (Michael’s)
• Wax paper
• Patience
• Lightweight sealer

Recipe directions:

1. Clean and lightly sand the surface of the table
2. Secure the drop cloth in an area to protect from over-spray
3. Spray upside down on all sides, then when dry (about 1 hour) turn over and spray top side.
4. Apply leaf adhesive where you want the leafing.
5. I speckled adhesive on the edge by flicking the glue with a toothbrush (not mine ;0) to get the crackle look and then painted solid adhesive in the center of both levels.
6. The adhesive has to set for about 45 minutes until it’s tacky to touch. Follow the instruction on the leafing sheets kit. Use wax paper to grab the sheets and begin laying them on one-by-one and gently brushing the wax until you see that the leaf has adhered. Repeat this process until you have the desired pattern.
7. You want to have both layers done before you start to brush away the excess foil. This is very messy and you don’t want flakes falling on exposed adhesive.
8. I took the table outside to the drop cloth to brush off the excess foil. Note: The foil is light, so it can catch the wind fast. “My outside is very sparkly!”
9. Seal the foil with a lightweight sealer, brush on or spray.



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