how to style a vanity top

vanityStyling a vanity should be about creating a personal space…one that is all yours. Don’t make considerations for anyone else…be selfish…it’s a total indulgence!  Now that I have given you the proper mind set; let’s get started with a recipe to design or redesign your vanity.   Consider your needs your vanity must serve, (for me, living in a small space my vanity has become the central hub for makeup, hair, night routine etc.).   Once you have made your evaluation of what the space needs to provide you…you’re  ready to begin styling your vanity.  The recipe and ingredients are at the end of the post.  Share your vanity with us? Smooches xoxo

perfume edit IMG_6201brushes IMG_6132books IMG_6154horn IMG_6184girl glam IMG_6139picture 1 IMG_6189xoxo, Julie

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  1. Love your love for SMALL THINGS that matters and reminds your blessings!
    Love that you used all white fonts!
    Love that you made the “recipe” for your extraordinary setting! It makes it simple enough to give it a shot!

    Love that I can see your LOVE in everything I see on your blog!

    Love YOU!

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