how to style an al fresco table

how to style an al fresco tableHello Loves-Happy Tuesday! I’m on a bit of kick this week with a serious need be outside and enjoy what’s left of our summer. Actually, the truth is I always want to get more outside time. Why wouldn’t I…It’s just to gorgeous to be inside? Soooo, Al Fresco dinning it is. A little wine (okay I know…a lot of wine), good food, great conversation “as long as I’m not by myself, because that would be weird, “ candles, friends and of course a few flowers. The how to style an al fresco table recipe is at the end of the post. If you style your own al fresco table, please send me a picture to share. Cheers, smooches and to style an al fresco tableal fresco tablebread and cheesecheese and fruiteal fresco tableal fresco How to style an al fresco table setting


• A table is helpful
• Chairs too
• 1 Ralph Lauren cream tablecloth
• 1 Red linen runner Pottery Barn
• 6 Place-mats and napkins HomeGoods
• 6 mason jars
• 6 wine glasses
• 6 plates and 6 sets of flatware
• 7 to 9 random sized flower jars or vases
• Candles
• Flowers
• A string of big bubble lights from Target
• Bread from Wholefoods, cheese and a big dinner salad
• 20 bottles of wine (just kidding…4 should be enough for 6)

Al Fresco style recipe:

I have most of these items on hand, so the only thing I had to run out and get was flowers. I personally think the “Al Fresco” style is carefree, nothing over done or fussy. I choose flowers that looked like I could have picked from my neighbors yard “not that I would ever do that…wink-wink.” I will give you more details on how to cut and arrange the flowers tomorrow. Set the table in this order, tablecloth first, runner second, place-mats third, plates forth. I like to mix match my flatware. It looks less fussy. Take the napkin and fold it in half to make a triangle. Grab the center of the fold and loosen the triangle, insert the flatware and stick the napkin/flatware into the Mason jar. Place the Mason jar in the center of the plate.

Once the foundation is set, you’re ready to add the layers of flowers and food. In this case I knew I would be using my big salad bowl, the cheese plate and bread. It’s best to set the empty dish on the table so you know where to place the flowers. I set these flowers random. I hate big arrangements that block your conversation, so I put the larger flowers towards the corners of the table and place the smaller ones near by. Lighting is important, so plenty of candles and string lights will set a perfectly festive Al Fresco style.xoxo, Julie

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