how to style with books

how to style with books 1style with books twohow to style with books 3style with books 4how to style with books 5how to style with books 6Ingredients:

• Books (anywhere)
Chrome light found here
Zebra dish found here
Cool giraffe found here
Cool gold bowl found here
Magnifying glass found here

Style recipe:

Use what you have and start with a cleared surface. If you don’t have large and small book to pull, used bookstores are fantastic sources. The style of light can set a theme; so go with a light that will compliment the accessories you want to use. The accessories are all about personal choices and what you like. You can mix things up; there’s no reason you can’t mix chrome and gold, if that’s what you like.

Most important, have fun and enjoy the style…your way, your style.xoxo, Julie

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