How to style your undie drawer

panties in a bunchI’m really great at organizing and equally great at discombobulating my organization after a while. My undie drawer is a perfect example; after about 4 months of perfectness…something happens and I freak out looking for one item. It only takes one minute and the entire drawer goes to shit. I then live with it until I can’t take it anymore. Can’t take it anymore made an appearance last week. Here is my style recipe to get your panties out of a bunch. Smooches xoxo

Style recipe for undie drawer:

  • 1. Line and cover the drawer with wrapping paper. This is a little tricky, but just try to be patient. I cut each piece with extra paper to fold in the edges for a finished look.
  • 2. Play with different size boxes to see how many sections you can create in the drawer.
  • 3. Wrap those boxes in the same wrapping paper.
  • 4. Separate your items in groups. For example, fold the matching bra and pantie sets together, casual bras in a separate stack, boy shorts in another pile and for me Hanky Panky in a box of their own.
  • 5. Keep all your empty perfume bottles and toss them in the drawer.

Organized drawersorganized pantie drawerOrganized pantie drawerOrganized drawersorganzied drawersOrganized drawersxoxo, Julie

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