i’m ready for valentines day

Happy almost Valentines Day!  In case you have not found the perfect card yet, there’s still time.  I shopped my favorite little card shop , Papyrus.  I couldn’t decide, so I picked all four.  I’ll leave them in little spaces where Brad can stumble across them throughout the day.   I also included a little something for me.  I love surprises, so I  have a couple of little gifts for him as well…   Make everyday an event…  xoxo

P.S.  Brad is banded from the blog for the next day, so he won’t see his cards.  So, my darling Lauryn, it’s our secret.

{Happy Valentines Day to the love of my life}

{Simply wonderful…that’s you}

{Love dances til dawn then rests on cloud nine}

{Smitten is one of my favorite words}

xoxo, Julie

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