inpsire me with mint

I could never say I really love the weak color of mint. However, the images in this post truly inspire me to reconsider the trend and try to like mint a little… Maybe even a lot!  Mint has a whimsy, a playful yet bashful side. Maybe even a little sweet and spicy, like the flavor; it’s soft at first and then it gives you a little bit.  Any how-mint is every where. I will not commit to loving it, but I will admit, I plan to flirt with it just a bit.  Xoxo lovies.

{Strong mint bedroom accent wall is looking yummy!}

{Seriously, chocolate mint cupcakes…going to make them}

{Completely compelling mint everything, Blair Eadie Pinterest}

{Even a little mint in the kitchen}

xoxo, Julieall photos via Pinterest, Gitte Rasmussen, La Petite Peach, Emily Yu and

Blair Eadie Pinterest.


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