Inspiration, some days you just need it…

flower inspirationHey Loves! Do you ever have those days when you just feel out of sorts? You have nothing to worry about…right? Everything is great and everyone is fine and healthy, but for whatever reason you just can’t get your groove on?

Well…I’m there; out of sorts. Or, should I say I had no explanation for my “out of sorts” until I had to put up a post and confess to you that I’m feeling un-inspired; even voiceless and a bit sucked dry.

Then I looked at the doodle I started last night (and BTW can’t wait to get back to it) and realized, I have allowed myself to be way to casual with my focus on my faith, the true force behind all things that bring beauty, peace, inspiration and love to my life.

So, with this inspiring realization “funny how you discover yourself when you wright” I’m going to spend some time appreciating the blessings I have and my amazing faith in God that is mine as long as I keep it first and nearest in my heart.

God Bless You and smooches from me. BTW, I Love You-al. xoxoxoxo, Julie

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