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You will need:

  • light kit (ikea always has)
  • lamp shade
  • glue gun
  •  ribbon, one to measure, one to trim
  •  crystal drops from an antique store or craft store
  •  string of crystals “usually found at bead store or craft store”
  •  flexible rubber jewelery string
  • yard stick or tape measure
  • scissors
  • calculator
  • flat surface
  • fabric for chain cover

I take a piece of ribbon and run it around the interior bottom part of the shade to get my measurement.  I bought 10 large crystals and 8 strings of crystals.  I only used 7 crystals and broke the strings apart and re-strung them.  Take your shade measurement and divide it by the amount of crystals, so you know how far to place them apart.  I glue just along the inside lip of the shade, evenly spacing until complete.  Then measure a strand of white or cream ribbon to cover and finish over the clue details.  Sew or stitch witch a long fabric chain cover.  Make sure there is plenty of fabric to bunch up.  Hang and enjoy the new lighting…

xoxo, Julie


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