inspire me, mimi’s valentines tarts

Mimi always inspires me!  She is such a self sufficient doer.   Mimi, like me enjoys cooking as a creative outlet.  On the evening before formal, Mimi wanted to make tarts.  Hi ho, Hi ho it’s off to the store I go.  We have almost everything with the exception of heavy whipping cream and our secret custard ingredient, vanilla pudding.  Mimi pulls the crust recipe from Cooking Light on line.  Adds the detail of melted symphony chocolate, strawberries and it was truly the best tart I have ever had!  Get inspired, it’s almost valentines day…  xoxo

xoxo, Julierecipe details click here


Follow the Cooking Light crust instructions.

For the custard, our secret is good old fashioned jell-o vanilla pudding, mixed with my traditional home made whipped cream. Perfect texture and flavor.  Double boiler the chocolate to melt and add 1/2 tablespoon of Crisco to keep smooth.  Let the chocolate set and harden.  Top with custard, fresh berries and you’re set.  You can also add glaze, but we opted not too.

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