inspire me with a mothers note

My mother may no longer be here, but she is with me each day with the treasures of the memories she left with me.   This note is one of the greatest gifts from my Mom.  I have this in a frame on my bedroom dresser.  Not a day goes by, that I don’t see and adore the sweetness of her message.  This note was found after she passed away in a old jewelry box in the top of her closet.  The note reads:    Dear Burglar, This is a box of life long memories.  There is nothing of value here, even the watches are broken.  Please leave these things here so my children will have things from their grandparents.  She even included a ” Thank you”.   xoxo miss her every day!                          {what I see every sweet day}

{Evelyn Sue was perfect!}

xoxo, Julie

  1. The precious forethought a parent has for her babies and her grand babies… Loving us like God loves us, and thinking of what we will have in the future. Xo

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