inspire me with an ugly sconce

We have this little house that we are waiting to start renovating.  In the mean time, I’m going crazy with some of the ugly stuff surrounding me.  Actually, like crawling out of my skin, it’s so ugly!  I’m stuck, because I don’t want to  add anything new until we do the total renovation.  So, I’m doing little things along the way to help me enjoy the space until we are ready to live through a renovation.   The sconce below is in one of our bathrooms.  How ugly is that?  Don’t answer that question.

I took the glass ficture off.  Replaced it with white burlap shads.  Added antique crystals from Bon Bon in Solana Beach, a little silk ribbon and…I like them better.  For now.  Get inspired, make everyday an event.

                      {Ugly is my censored word for what I really think}

{The Lampshade Gallery, Del Mar,  Ca.}

{silk ribbon from Micheal’s}

{Antique crystals from Bon Bon, Solana Beach, Ca}

{I like it better now}

xoxo, Julie


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