inspire me with boots that stand tall

I have a ton of boots.  All of them have to fit into a tiny closet.  So, in the effort to house my boots, I had to get rid of the boxes.  I can’t just let them lay floppy…on the floor…like dog ears.  This is my temporary closet awaiting a major remodel.  I don’t want to invest…I just want to make do.  Here is my easy can do solution to keep boots upright and organized.                              {use super cute adorable duck tape}

{cut poster boards in half}

{roll the board into a cone shape, and tape with a few small pieces to secure}

{trim the top edge of the cone to fit the boot shape and tape of the top edge.  tuck excess inside the cone}

{run one long strip of duck tape down the length of the cone}

{all 9 pairs of boots stand at attention next to one another.  “it blissful “.}xoxo, Julie

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  1. Hey Doll, thanks for posting this I have the same exact problem and had no clue as to how to organize the boots with out spending a lot of money! I already have that same exact duct tape. (anything leopard!)

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