inspire me with braided keepsake bracelets

So, I don’t have enough going on during the weekend, right?  Besides taking care of my home and catching up with all the laundry, cleaning, carting to soccer, dances, movies, boys, tennis, Brad and responding to will you make me and my 5 friends that slept over dutch babies for breakfast and BTW I want chicken pot pie for dinner.  I take on little crafty projects. One because I love projects and two I have to feed the blog.  This week I made braided wrap around keepsake bracelets.  I’m actually completely  crazy about  arm bling of any kind and adore the jingle of charms clacking together.    These will be special gifts for special people.  You can find most of the supplies at Michaels or bead stores.   It’s easy to make everyday an event.  Just try and enjoy.   PLEASE like me on Facebook?  xoxo      {Collect small objects or charms with loops to string onto the braid.}

{Arrange the items in a pattern that has some consistency.  Measure the three stands of the braid to your own arm.  I leave six inches hanging when I start.  Wrap the strings around three times, leaving the six inches of excess string at both ends.}

{Start the braid with a knot and bling bead piece.  Tie a knot on the opposite site of the bead and begin the braid.  I add a loop to clip the two ends together when the bracelet is complete. }

{Attach the braid to a book with a large paper clamp and secure for easier mobility.}

{I’m so smitten with this one, I’m not sure I can give it up.  I put pictures of all the family in the various lockets.   Smitten I tell you!}

xoxo, Julie

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