inspire me with custom painted pots

I started this project because my day job needs me to write a Real Estate article.  So, I pick the creative side of Real Estate to write about.  I won’t bore you with the article, but I will share with you that giving your home curb appeal when trying to sell your home will help potential buyers feel welcomed in your home and help them better imagine themselves in the space.  So, having said that.  Spruce up the door mat.  It took $86.00, a little elbow, some dirty fingernails and three Heineken.  Make everyday an event…  xoxoxHelpful hints:  Use simple  pots, they take acrylic paint easily and are very reasonable to purchase.  For the stencils, I simply print in word art large lettering, print on paper, place a piece of graphite paper underneath, trace over with a pencil, remove and paint over.   For the dots, I use the same roller I use to paint the pots by dipping the end in paint  and dotting the pot.  The stripes are random and meant to be imperfect.   I seal the painted pots with water base eggshell sealer.  This is a whimsical example “kind of Alice in Wonderland” with tilted pots.  I plant the pots tilted by using a wooden spoon to anchor the pot in place. You can make this project as elegant as you like.  Use your imagination, but remember to keep in mind, welcome.

xoxo, Julie

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