inspire me with cuties and tulips

I love having fresh flowers in the house.  If I don’t have fresh flowers out, I always have orchids throughout, or a vase with my roses when they’re   in season.   This cuties and tulip  arrangement is inexpensive, easy and really brightens the room.  It will last for about 5 days.   I actually don’t like purple at all, but I love the severe contrast of the purple and orange.  I have giant fruit paintings in my home, so the fruit in the vase really compliments the room, while the purple is the splash of something unexpected and refreshing.   Make everyday an event.  xoxo

{cuties are in season}

{I stack an upside down ramekin and glass to get the top of the glass to reach the tip of the vase.}

{these are store bought tulips on special for $6.99}

{surround the glass with cuties, push into place}

{the cuties last longer then the flowers and will still be good snacks}

{try this and share it with me?}

xoxo, Julie

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