inspire me with lauryns dog armoire

So, my beautiful daughter Lauryn only wanted one thing from me for Christmas. That one thing was for me to repaint her dog armoire where she keeps all of Pixy’s cloths.  She had it delivered to the house before Christmas “as in the most recent Christmas”.   I studied it and kept it in my office/work table for weeks, then months and now what is a full half of one year.  I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do with it.  What I did know is that is was  going to be a bit of a project and I would really have to make the time for it.   Well, this past weekend, I jumped into the project.  I transformed the original Princess pink into a whimsical shutter door armoire.

Years ago I used to add paint features to peoples homes and businesses as an element to my design process.   It was a love hate thing.  I loved coming up with the concept, but hated the demand of the work involved.   Well, a little walk down memory lane.  I’m my own worst critic.  It’s never good enough.  Not to mention, not picking up a paint brush in 15 years doesn’t exactly give me the outcome my head was thinking.  However, my precious Lauryn appreciated the efforts and I’m so glad I could do something nice for her.    I love you Lauryn, please forgive me for the wait!  smooches and xoxo too!

{crystal knobs from Anthropology}

{Princess pink does get old}

xoxo, Julie

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