inspire me with little chicks

Do you remember the movie, The Fly?  “Save me, don’t let them eat me” .  I don’t think screaming is going to save these chicks.  In fact, they’re gone as I do this post.    They were yummy and a fun idea for Easter brunch.   Super easy, hard boiled eggs.  Mix with a little mayo, Beaver sweet hot mustard, Sriracha hot chili sauce, salt and pepper.

I used a pumpkin carving knife to cut the edges on the egg.  Empty the solid yolk into a bowl and mix with the above ingredients.    The measurements are by tastes and moisture.  You just have to keep adding until it taste just right.   We like things hot here, so you have to find your own way.  I used a pastry bag to pipe in the filling, olives cut with a straw tip for the eyes and carrot shavings for the nose.

{OMG, if I had my legs exposed, I would run}

{Again, yummy, but maybe too cute to eat.  Not because they’re cute, because they have eyes that watch you eat them}

{help me! save me!  Don’t let them eat me}

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