inspire me with my little office

It’s  just a little corner of the house “actually a corner in the garage” carved out just for me.  It’s small and not decorated, but I adore this little spot.  It’s all mine!  I have my down chase lounge stacked high with linen down pillows, my coveted bike,  magazine collection, special pictures and inspiration surrounding me.  This is the spot where I find creativity and a way to connect to the world.  During the business day, I work my corporate job from two computers.  You can find underneath excel spread sheets and massive conference calls .  After hours, I hit the chase  with my Apple or i pad to edit photos, prepare for upcoming posts, read my favorite blogs, have a glass or two of wine and just chill.   I have a huge table “I call it the art table”.  There you can find me gluing, glittering, sewing or snapping pictures.  I’m grateful for my space in the world and thank you all for being here with me.  xoxo  Making everyday an event and loving it.

xoxo, Julie

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