inspire me with periwinkle

I’m in the process of updating the site and logo.  I’m excited for the change.  It’s kind of like decorating…I get board with the same thing and want to rearrange the furniture a little. I don’t want a lot of color, just like my home, a little splash here and there will do. I’m obsessed with periwinkle.  Probably because I love it and can’t find a way to get it into my home, so I’m considering Burlap and Crystal.  Don’t panic!  The change will be good.  I promise!  If I could get periwinkle into my home, here are a few rooms that inspire me with and yummy color. What do you think?xoxo, Julie

All images via Pinterest, Cameron Prevost, Amber Kellogg,Meridith, Ginger Simpson, Echo Morris.

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