inspire me with pickled veggies

Inspire me with pickled veggies.   I do love my Farmers Market vegetables.   So much that I want to have them available, even when they are out of season.   This particular day, the veggies were so beautiful.   I had to find a way to preserve the them.  Yep, Pickles is what I made!  I collect cute jars, because I know I will find a use for them.    All the recipes are found here from The Food Network.  The cucumber from Tyler Florence, Food Network.

When the pickling is done, don’t forget to take the presentation up a notch.  I made these cute tags from Gartner Studios in about 5 minutes .   You can find the tags at Michael’s and download the template.   I want to know if you try this?  Send me a message or pictures?  xoxo

xoxo, Julie

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