inspire me with pretty packages

Inspire me…it doesn’t take much.  I found this whimsical string light paper and immediately knew I had to have it.  I then saw these giant plastic ornaments and envisioned using them as the gift tag.  A little paint, patience and imagination can transform a little idea into a pretty package.  The package turned out cute, but honestly, I got over the project as soon as I started it.  I loved the way one of the bulbs turned out, trashed the other two and then completely screwed up the top coat on the one that worked out.  So, note to you.  If you take on this project, use spray on top coat, not brush on…

{Gift wrap and plastic bulb found at Target}

{nothing works better than a eraser for dots}

{this is right about where I got over the fun factor of the project}

xoxo, Julie

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