inspire me with pumpkin biscotti

Inspire me with Hershey’s white chocolate dipped  pumpkin biscotti, recipe click here.  I love biscotti with coffee.  The combination brings on the warmth of fall. The anticipation of a cold morning, sipping and dipping just brings me the greatest feeling. “I’m actually smiling just thinking about it.”   It makes me excited for sweaters, boots and pumpkin everything.

As most of you know, I have a pretty big day job with a lot of clients who like a little bit of my personal attention from time to time.  I packaged these with my business card as a little leave behind marketing piece.  I got a lot of good press.  Do what works and make everyday an event.  xoxo

{keep the batter oblong to cut}

{to get the chocolate just right for dipping, use this recipe, click here}

{Let them set and cool before you bag them.  Not so pretty at night, but boy are they good in the morning.  For the scolloped paper, use scrap book paper and a water bottle lid to shape the circle.  Trace around the circle to make your pattern.  Start in the middle working your way towards the edges.  Cut along the pattern mark, fold  and staple over the bag.}

xoxo, Julie


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