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So, I know it’s not even Halloween yet and I’m thinking about Thanksgiving.   I came up with this idea because I came across the plain white place mats.  As usual, I bought them knowing I would come up with an idea on how to use them.  Thanksgiving is always a big deal celebration and the table setting is where it all begins.   In the spirit of thanks, I came up with the idea to hand paint inspirational words along the edge of the place mats.  Words like, gratitude, compassion, thankful, family etc.   We will have as many as 20 people at the table, so naturally the word list must go on.   Use your imagination.  I would love to hear what you come up with?

How to:

I started the project on the computer in word art.  If you’re not familiar with word,  you might try a craft supply for stencils.  In word I set the page in landscape and found a font I liked.   I took my blank document and inserted word art, set the size at 86, typed my first word and hit return.  Word art will set a frame that can be stretched to fit the page.  I printed each word on it’s own sheet of paper.  For a new word, simply edit the existing word and you will have a consistent size from that point forward.  Cut off the excess paper.  Place graphite paper under your word, pin in place and begin tracing.  Once you are done tracing the word, remove the stencil and paint.  I used basic acrylic craft paint.  This is not a perfect process, but the hand painted look is so artistic and genuine looking.   Stay tuned for November to see how I set the table.  Smooches and be sure to make everyday an event…

{Place mats found at Home Goods.  Pearl and pewter charges found at Pottery Barn.  Brown large dinner plates found at Pottery Barn}xoxo, Julie

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