inspire me with teal and gold…

bb1661ceed7728ba0b1d91dec7ba5ecaOMG…do I even have to say what inspired me here? The stunning jewel tones in this gold and teal combo with the clock stopping emu feather skirt and dreamy teal blouse…Stunning! The perfect legs help too, “I’m just a little jealous.” Either way you look at it; it takes courage and guts to pull off the stunning duo. However, look at the jaw dropping outcome; stunning perfection! Inspiration is everywhere. What inspires you??? 1907b3780fe514b1d64eff1a554dfa49f4e3860617b3a9e0562febf8a907ad055c3a5db21e732c7a29ec45d404e1f53cc2b09939cfbb65a0b06cfac0193400a2tealImages via, Pinterest, ZaZabelagio “my obsession”, Mabels House, Flickr, Tumblr, La Dolce Vita, Pinners, Suzanne Edgeton and Jackie Wergel.xoxo, Julie

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