inspire me with the front door

I crack myself up.  It would be so much sweeter if I said something like, welcome or leave your troubles at the door.  But, no, I have to write Gweyneth Paltrow’s “shut the front door” from Saturday Night Live.  Myles came home and asked me what was wrong with me.   He then followed his question with “I like it”.  After all it’s so you.    I’m so glad my family gets my sick humor.

This is a change up on the standard wreath “which I adore”.  I’m going to give this a try for the fall season.  I’ll add something creepy for Halloween and then see how I feel by Thanksgiving.  Smooches and make everyday an event…

{I took a simple metal tray, this one is from Home Good}

{free hand painted the inside of the tray with chalk board paint, Home Depot}

{then glued some fabric with a hot glue gun.  One long strip of fabric to hang the tray from the door and a smaller piece about the size of a napkin for the bow}

{Two way tape is always good to have on hand.  The tape will secure the mirror to the door to keep in from banging the glass.  Simple project and I think it’s fun.}

xoxo, Julie


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