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Inspire me with lovers hot coco.  I was never that big of a fan for Valentines Day, until I met my husband Brad.  Our first Valentines day together was in Mexico with our now beautifully blended family.  I planned ahead and made a gift basket including a homemade card with pictures of us during our then short relationship.  I knew I was in love with him, because it truly was love at first sight.  He however, took his “game time” going there.  Well, he told me he loved me that Valentines day and that he could see sharing our lives together.  I now love Valentines day and want to celebrate it everyday.  Maybe, not everyday, but let’s celebrate together for the next 14 days.  xoxo

                                          {Pink Marshmellow}

{somthing spicy}

{white marshmellows}

{the coco line up}

{ribbon, cards and the presentation}

{lovers coco bags}

{hot lovers coco, happy Valentine}

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