inspire me with valentines jell-o

I have a stylist, so adorable Hanna who recommended I eat jell-o to enhance my constantly abused hair.  “Jell-o” really?  Well I have not tried actually applying the jell-o to my hair, but I did take note to make jell-o and eat it.   Not my favorite texture.  However, I find it filling , sweet and satisfying.  I think I might even notice a little improvement with my hair.  What I do love is that jell-o is a free food.  I made jell-o  for my son Myles when he was a toddler with type 1 diabetes.   Anyways, it’s fun to visit old favorites and jell-o is a classic.  Additionally, if you’re at all concerned about sweets during Valentines, jell-o is a perfect fix.  The crystal hearts add to the presentation.  Each of my girls were gifted one from Brad and I, including our daughter Lauryn “the skinny confidential“.   Make every day an event! xoxo                                      {Presentation makes things look better}

{Crystal hearts, each of our daughters have one.  This is Mimi’s}

{Jell-o mold in a ice cube tray}


{Jell-o, the perfect snack}

xoxo, Julie

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