inspire me with vintage eye glasses

I came across these glasses when Brad and I were helping Mary go through some of her boxes in the garage.  Although Mary was willing to part with these, I couldn’t help but save them after the little story behind each pair and who they belonged to.   I know, I know, keeping these defeats the whole purpose of getting rid of stuff.  However, you have got to admit, they make for a pretty cute shadow box.   Make everyday an event.  {Directions below}

What you need.  Burlap, shadow box found a Micheal’s, scissors, hot glue gun and a flat head screw driver.

Remove the back of the shadow box, lift frame holds with screw driver.  Cover the interior “front side of back plate” with burlap.  Pull tight and glue to the back side.  Cut excess fabric off.   Note, I do the corners last, so you can cut to the corner and glue down the edges.

Decide the best order to show off the items.  I used the very smallest dot of glue to secure the ear pieces of each glass closed.

Set the items even space apart from one another.  Secure with small dots of glue.  Be careful to make sure no glue will not show from the front.  One the items are secure and in place.  Put the shadow box together and enjoy your creation.

xoxo, Julie

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