inspire you with a hand painted pillow

pillows hand paintedOkay, so it starts with an idea…that little voice of inspiration. The one that told me to hand paint pelican feet on a pillow to help combine my mix-match fabrics and pull off that custom nautical look for the new “little” beach cottage. When you live small housing an arsenal of crafts, paints, fabrics, glue and whatever…becomes really challenging.  You have to have a place for everything! Having said that, it’s clear I can’t actually sit at my desk because I have no room for my feet or chair for that matter.   Under my desk you will find, my little singer…well actually Mimi’s little singer, my paints, my precious brushes (each one like a family member), my iron and o-well you get the idea…lots of stuff I need.  I’m still not done with this little story, but here is today’s custom pillow outcome.  Smooches until tomorrow xoxox and Love to all of ya…pillow cutom hand paintedpillow customhand painted pillowhand painted pillowxoxo, Julie

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