inspire you with roses and candy for the holidays

Inspire me just turned into inspire you.  I was in the middle of taking pictures and realized; I get my inspiration all over the place.  I’m taking the pictures and showing you the how to with hope that it inspires you.  So, there you have it.  I will do my best to inspire you and share with you what inspires me.

I got this idea from a friends Pinterest board.  I have done something similar with fruit, nuts and rose petals.  This is such a fun festive arrangement for the holidays.  I placed it on my kitchen counter for the simple pleasure of enjoying it, because I can…  Make everyday an event.{Place one smaller vase inside a larger vase. Make sure they are a  similar height}

{I tried to create a little pattern by layering the candy}

{I use two way tape to hold the burlap in place and keep it from sliding down}

{Roses and tulips make a sweet combination}

xoxo, Julie

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