insprie me with an old chair

This is one of those chairs that might not scream style, but still has so much sweetness available.  It’s just sitting in the garage sale waiting for someone, “hello, like me” to come along and give it a little life again.  Everything has potential.  It’s what you do with it that makes the potential shine. Not sure if  you know?  I hate to sew.  I mean really, hate it!   If I could glue it or slab butter on it, I’m much happier.  However, this project called for me to pull out Mimi’s sewing machine and run a stitch or two.  I didn’t even bother to change the thread, because I didn’t want to figure out how to thread the darn thing.  As long as you don’t look at the quality of the stitch, it turned out really sweet and I love it…

{Save me, don’t let them eat me}

{I actually love the cane back, because it reminds me of the 70’s}

{Fabric, Portobello Vase, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation}

{Keep old holiday wrapping paper around, perfect for pattern making}

{Shape the paper around the corners and cut outs of the chair, sharpie and cut.}

{A little yellow ribbon to keep it whimsical}

{This chair is currently sitting next to my side of the bed.  Perfect for putting tennis shoes on}

xoxo, Julie

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