Lemon curd and rosemary cookies

rosemary lemon curd cookiesHi Loves! Is anyone crazy, insane busy? Why is it there is never enough time in any day this time of year? Of course, if I could stay on task and not drift onto other projects “hello ADD” it might be less hectic.

Any-who, I’m so off track that I can hardly post. So, please forgive me for the quickie.

The quickie goes like this; Mimi and I spent the entire weekend baking cookies. Not just a few cookies, but tons and tons of cookies. For the most part we did pretty traditional go to Christmas cookies. However, Mimi is such an amazing and ambitious baker, that she took on these lemon curd rosemary cookies and I’m just saying…freaking off the charts amazing! These are showstopper cookies and could serve as a dessert by themselves. That’s it for today, smooches xoxo.

936b6707b364e790dc6e416c3adeeddcxoxo, JulieImages source: Pinterest and Flicker

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