Light Broccoli Salad

Light broccoli saladHowdy Loves and Happy Monday night football! Well…here we go again, another week stands ahead of us and I’m already finding reason make Monday a day for celebrating. My Chargers are looking smashing, so I’m all about keeping up with the seasons. That is until the Bachelor returns…counting-counting-counting the days.

So today’s menu inspiration came about two ways. One was I’m still doing the 10lbs in 30 days and making full meals out of filling, but yummy stuff is a priority. For a little weekend update, I’m fluctuating between 6 and 7LBS lost. I’m pretty sure this is where I confess and tell you that my discipline sucks! Seriously…I suck! However, I’m back on track from the “didn’t follow the program at all weekend” and determined to get a little bit further this week. So far…so good! The other motivation for the recipe is the apple wood smoked bacon from Seaside Market “to die for.” I realize bacon isn’t really a part of my diet program, but I do also have a family to feed and getting them to eat broccoli as a main dish requires a little extra something special and there is nothing more special than good ass bacon.

Okay, so that’s my song and dance for today. Does anyone have an awesome veggie dish or salad that serves as a one-dish meal to share? Yes, I’m talking to you? Looking for a little help here? Com-on…shows us what you’ve got and BTW, thank you for checking in and sharing the xoxo’s! Smooches

Seaside Market apple wood smoked bacon

brocoli salad 1

Brocoli salad 3

Brocoli salad mix

Brocolie salad dressingRecipe and what you need:

4 to 5 Organic Broccoli florets
6 Stripes of Seaside Market bacon (order on line) cooked and crumbled
½ Purple onion cut into small pieces
1 Bunch of seedless red grapes cut in half or quarters
¾ Golden raisins
1 Cup plain Greek yogurt
2 Tablespoons mayo
1 Packet of Truvia
2 Tablespoons Champagne vinegar
Salt and Maple pepper to taste (Maple pepper here)

Wash and cut the broccoli into small pieces; be sure to cut off the tough stalk. Cook the bacon, but don’t burn it like me. Set aside and crumble when it’s ready to combine in the salad. Wash and cut the grapes into halves or quarters. Cut the purple onion into small/small pieces.

For the dressing combine the lemon, yogurt, mayo, truvia, vinegar and seasoning. Add all the chopped ingredients, golden raisins and crumbled bacon. Combine all with the dressing and serve immediately or very good…even better a day or two later.

broccoli salad end


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