light coffee cake is on the menu

light coffee cakeOn the menu is a little behind schedule, because I’m out of control busy with holiday hoop-la! In fact, I have a feeling all you may get out of me for the next few days is food…food and more food. Hope ya don’t mind. Around my house Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without sour cream coffee cake. I posted this several years ago (recipe here)  only I made a few modifications to lighten things up. I used half the butter. Cake flour that has much less gluten then regular flour and fat free sour cream. I actually think it tasted better and from the looks of the now empty plate with only a few crumbs left, it appears the fam would agree.  Enjoy and smooches xoxolight coffee cakelight coffee cakelight coffee cakelight coffee cakelight coffee cakexoxo, Julie

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